Seniors Terms and Conditions

The Club accepts the registration of Senior Players on the following conditions:

  1. I understand that baseball is a physically demanding sport. I am fit to play baseball. Where necessary I have sought medical advice as to my fitness to play. I promise to draw to the attention of the executive of the Five Dock Falcons Baseball Club if I suffer, or in the future suffer, from any medical condition which might place me at any risk if I were to play baseball with the Five Dock Falcons Baseball Club.
  2. I understand that the Five Dock Falcons Baseball Club accepts no responsibility for any injuries I may incur whilst engaged in training, or playing in any authorised games or activities, of the Club or League the club is affiliated with.
  3. I am not under any form of suspension or pending suspension, by any sporting body.
  4. I am duly qualified to play for this Club, according to the rules of the Baseball League this Club is affiliated with.
  5. I agree to abide by the rules set down by Five Dock Falcons Baseball Club and any rulings set down by the Baseball League.
  6. I am not in default of monies or equipment to any club or association.
  7. I have not contracted to play with any other Club or League this season.
  8. The information provided is true and correct.
  9. I understand that my details will be passed to Baseball NSW and the Australian Baseball Federation as required.
  10. Read the Seniors CODE OF CONDUCT for more information.