Juniors Terms and Conditions

The Club accepts the registration of Junior Players on the following conditions:

  1. That the Junior Player is eligible to play baseball for the Club and is not registered with another club and does not have any outstanding fees owing to another club/s.
  2. That the Junior Player agrees to be bound by the Club’s Juniors Code of Conduct.
  3. That the Junior Player’s parent or guardian agrees to be bound by the Club’s Code of Conduct for Parents and Guardians.
  4. That the Junior Player will be available to attend at least one club grading day (dates to be advised).
  5. That in the event that a Junior Player is not available for a competition game due to injury, illness or other extenuating circumstance, the parent or guardian shall advise the Club no later than 48 hours prior to the starting time for the game.
  6. That the parent or guardian of the Junior Player informs and keeps the Club informed of any medical issues, injuries or conditions that may affect the Junior Player’s ability to participate in competition games or Club activities throughout the season.
  7. That the Club expects that each Junior Player under the age of twelve years will have a parent or guardian (or by arrangement the parent or guardian of another Junior Player) in attendance during competition games and Club training sessions to supervise the Junior Player and to be available to transport the Junior Player from the game or activity.
  8. That the Junior Player or his parent or Guardian will not do anything whilst representing the Club or during Club activities or otherwise which will tend to damage the reputation of the Club or in any way bring the Club’s name into disrepute.
  9. That the Club is authorised by or on behalf of the Junior Player to take photographs or footage of the Junior Player whilst participating in completion games or Club activities if it so chooses and to use any photographs or footage to promote the interests of the Club or junior baseball through the Club’s website or Facebook page or other recognised medium.
  10. That the Junior Player participates in competition games and Club activities entirely at his or her own risk and the Junior Player and the parent or guardian will not hold the Club in any way responsible for any injury or loss suffered whilst participating in or whilst using club equipment during competition games or during Club activities and that this clause represents a release and discharge of legal responsibility to the Club and is provided in return for the Junior Player’s participation in the competition games or the Club activities.
  11. That the parent or guardian shall provide all information reasonably required by the Club in relation to the registration of the Junior Player and that the information is TRUE and CORRECT.
  12. That if any material fact changes in relation to the Junior Player’s ability to satisfy any of these conditions, that the parent or guardian shall inform the club as soon as possible.

The paramount consideration in applying these conditions will be the encouragement of Junior Players and their enjoyment of the game. If any parent or guardian has any issue with a condition they are requested to discuss the issue with a Committee member.