Five Dock Falcons Baseball Club Email Privacy Policy

Registration Email

When you register with the Falcons your details are added to the My Club database run by the Australian Baseball Federation (ABF). This includes your email address supplied on the registration form.

All information on the My Club database is accessible by the following organisations:

    • Five Dock Falcons Baseball Club
    • Ryde Hawks Baseball League (RHBL) or Pacific Coast Baseball League (PCBL)
    • Baseball NSW
    • Australian Baseball Federation (ABF)

The only use of your email address by the Falcons is by the appropriate Registrar, Juniors or Seniors, to communicate with registered players.

Baseball NSW has never used the email addresses but RHBL and the ABF add your email address to their mailing list and send the occasional newsletter. You can unsubscribe from these email lists at any time.

In summary, your email address supplied at registration is only used by organisations within the ABF hierarchy. It is never supplied to any third party.

Falcons Mailing List

Your email address will never be given, traded or sold to any third party.
It is strictly for use by the club to communicate with players and supporters.