Frequently Asked Questions

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Registration and Teams

When do I bring my child’s birth certificate?

At the trial game set for August, a copy is sufficient for viewing by our Registrar.

When does the season start and finish?

The season starts 3rd & 4th September 2021 and regular season finishes late February. Semi-finals are usually in March.

Do we play in school holidays?

No games are played during school holidays or Christmas holidays.

How long do the games go for?

Under 7 and 8  – 1 hour.
Under 9 and 10 – 1 hour 15 min.
Under 11 and 12 – 1 hour 30 min.
Under 14 – 1 hour 45 min.
Under 16 & 19 – 2 hours.

What days are games played on?

Most games are played on Saturday mornings. Last season the early games started at 8.30am, the latest game started at 11.00am. The top division (Div.1) plays on Friday nights.

Where are the games played?

Around half the games will be played at Timbrell Park, other games will be away (approx. 10 games). Our Under 6 and Under 7 teams will be playing in a competition with nearby clubs to minimise travel. Under 8,9 and 10 play in the Southern Division which means they don’t travel any further than North Ryde or Macquarie. The Ryde Hawks Baseball League (RHBL) is a North Ryde based competition although the furthest club is in Hornsby area.

A full list of RHBL clubs can be viewed here.

A list of playing grounds is available here.

Is there a training night?

Most teams train one afternoon per week, this will depend on the availability of the coach.

How do I know what age group my child plays in?

The Baseball NSW age categories extend from 1st September to 31st August the following year. A full list is available on the Juniors Fees Information page.

When will the teams be finalised?

Provisional teams will be formed by 9th August 2021, coaches will be assigned prior to this. If vacancies exist late registrations may be accepted after this date.

When will the teams be finalised?

Provisional teams will be formed by 9th August , coaches will be assigned prior to this. If vacancies exist late registrations may be accepted after this date.

Can I assist the coach or put my hand up to coach?

Of course. All help is appreciated. The trial game would be a good time to volunteer your assistance. There are other jobs too which you can volunteer to do.

Who does the scoring?

A manager is required for each team, who needs to organise a scorer. This manager can be a parent; the scorer can be the manager or rotated by the parents.

Will an umpire be provided?

The home club organises the umpires. Five Dock have a squad of umpires that will be assigned to home games at Timbrell Park. This could be an older teenager who holds a Class 0 umpiring certificate.

Will I be asked to help at the canteen on home games?

Yes, occasionally.  All help is appreciated.

Will my child learn different positions?

Yes, the coaches are required to rotate the children as part of their development especially in pre- and early teens. Some players will excel at more specialised roles (e.g., pitching) and will work with their coach and team in leading in such roles. However, there are limits on pitching and catching to help to share the roles. Players are not forced into any roles or playing positions. However, all players bat.

Uniform Questions:

What shoes do the children play in?

Any soccer/football style boots with plastic studs. No metal studs or cleats are allowed. Baseball shoes are called cleats.

Where can I purchase pants, socks and a belt?

Socks and belt are available from the canteen, $15 each. Long white pants, can be purchased from the following baseball retail stores:

Diamond Sports: Unit 1/2a, Newton Rd, Blacktown.
Diamond One Baseball: Shop 1, 156 The Boulevarde, Miranda
Elite Sports: 51 Birch St, Condell Park.
Red Stitches: 6/5 Sefton Road, Thornleigh.

You can find further information on our Uniforms page.

Where do I get the playing shirt from?

A shirt will be provided as part of registration. If available they will be handed out on trial game day, otherwise handed out prior to the first game.

Do I need to purchase a glove?

Gloves for Under 7’s and U8’s T-Ball are provided in the kit. These are not to be taken home. For all other ages, a glove is required for the opposite hand that they throw. A reasonable glove can be purchased for around $50. A good glove will last for years and makes catching easier. However, you also need to consider your child’s growth before making major purchases.

It’s a good idea to get advice before buying a glove. And remember, the glove for the opposite hand to the one you or your child uses to write with or to throw.

Where can I get a cap from?

Caps can be purchased from the canteen for $20. Caps are to be worn in every game as they are considered to be an important part of the uniform.

Do I need to buy a helmet or a bat?

No. Helmets, bats and catcher’s gear are provided as part of each team’s kit.